Solar Eclipse - 08.21.17 - Totality Series

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 happened on August 21, 2017 and it happened stretch across the American coast. Only a few states witnessed the full effects of the eclipse. I witnessed it from home and the media and also experienced with the kids and neighbors in my neighborhood. It was an incredible experience due to its rarity and it quite a spiritual experience for me. As an artist, I took on this challenge to document this experience and created a series of works that represented this spiritual day of change, oneness, unity and perfection.
Above painting: Courage, acrylic on board, was the first of the series. It was one of those rare and destined to have a successful outcome moment creatively in the studio. It was a new technique and medium for me but for some reason, my body and mind knew what to do. I didn't hesitate and it just came out. I envisioned results that reflected my courage with color, bold and minimalistic imagery. The only challenge I encountered were finding round objects around my home for the project. I finally found trays from the kitchen and borrowed laundry baskets that have paint stains now, all for the sake of making Art.
Above painting: Total Shift, acrylic on board. This was the phase where totality was in progress. It was best seen on the computer screen. Eventually, totality would be achieved.
Currently, the originals are exhibited and sold at Brandonjacobs Gallery, downtown Kansas City. Visit them in person at 2015 Grand Blvd or visit:
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