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Fiery and Rain, an original painting by Allan Chow

A radiant streak of red bisects the canvas, separating the lush greens of the grassy plains from the azure prairie sky. Through his intuitively developed palette and the bold, spontaneous strokes of his palette knife, Allan Chow gives form to earth and sky, conjuring a unique vision of the breathtaking majestic Flint Hills landscape into its own two-dimensional existence. Painting by Allan Chow, 2017. 

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Solar Eclipse - 08.21.17 - Totality Series

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 happened on August 21, 2017 and it happened stretch across the American coast. Only a few states witnessed the full effects of the eclipse. I witnessed it from home and the media and also experienced with the kids and neighbors in my neighborhood. It was an incredible experience due to its rarity and it quite a spiritual experience for me. As an artist, I took on this challenge to document this experience and created a series of works that represented this spiritual day of change, oneness, unity and perfection. Above painting: Courage, acrylic on board, was the first of the series. It was one of those rare and destined to have a successful outcome moment...

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"Retrospective" Exhibition October 7th at Reactor Design

Retrospective: Allan Chow Where: Reactor Design 1817 Grand Boulevard Kansas City, Missouri When: Friday, October 7, 2016 5pm to 9pm Food: The Casual Foodie truck will be providing sandwiches and tacos.  Drinks: Beer tasting from ZZ Hops Home Brewing Club with some fall-inspired beers. For the last decade, Allan Chow completed some of his best body of work that manifests his unique style and interpretation of the Prairie and Kansas City with a palette knife. Allan’s bold and spontaneous paint strokes with brilliant color palette set him apart from his peers and made his paintings one of the most preferred and collected in the country today. Represented by the Leopold Gallery, Brandonjacobs Gallery, Phoenix Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri and Strecker Nelson Gallery in...

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